Equity Asset Management

BPUCM manages two equity investment model portfolios; the Enhanced Equity Strategy (EES) and the Premier Dividend Strategy (PDS). Both strategies invest in high-quality equities, exchange traded funds, and closed-end funds.

We collaborate with FUSION INVESTMENT GROUP (FUSION), an independent third party service provider, to manage these strategies.  All investment decisions are made by an investment committee of professionals from BPUCM and Fusion. Scott Dooley, CFA, is the Chairman of the BPU/Fusion Equity Investment Committee.

Fusion Investment Group is a privately owned asset management firm known for using the Fusion Process to generate risk-adjusted returns. The rigorous Fusion Process analyzes both the fundamental and behavioral aspects of financial markets to capitalize on market opportunities.

Scott Dooley, CFA, is a quantitative financial analyst and the Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Fusion Investment Group. Prior to founding Fusion, he was the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Blue Vase Holdings, LLC.

BPUCM offers equity asset management services to retail clients of BPU, depository institutions, municipal governments, pension funds, corporations, high-net worth individuals, foundations, and non-profits.


  • Seeks long-term capital appreciation by constructing a high quality, growth driven multi-cap portfolio.
  • Investment process provides exposure to long-term global trends and themes.
  • Rebalanced to stay in tune with the trends of dynamic equity markets.
  • Continuous monitoring of company fundamentals and industry trends.


  • Constructed to maximize current income and capture long-term capital appreciation by constructing a high quality, income oriented portfolio.
  • Designed for investors who seek current income from a portfolio of equities with the potential for growth.
  • Seeks high-quality, income-producing securities that provide exposure to long term market themes.