Complex Investments and Transactions

BPUCM advises depository institutions, municipal governments, pension funds, corporations, high-net worth individuals, foundations, and non-profits on complex investment opportunities and capital market transactions.


Assisted a company with outstanding public market debt in developing a strategy to purchase their own debt in the market. The purchases allowed the company to retire the debt far below the call price, lower their leverage ratio, and provide a strong return on capital to shareholders.

Advised an institutional owner of real estate on making large, strategic investments in publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts. The investments allowed the owner to diversify within the real estate asset class and provided further investment opportunities through potential strategic partners.

Developed a series of transactions on behalf of a large oil and gas service company. The owners wanted to increase their exposure to the senior secured debt certain credits in the industry during a time of stress. Executed a series of transactions in the public debt markets to purchase the publicly traded, junk-rated debt. The transactions allowed the company to have claims in various levels of liquidation preference.

BPU has helped clients divest of and acquire thinly, traded public securities. We have a specific expertise in the equity instruments of community and mid-sized banks.